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Muskegon has a unique board game club located at The Gaming Annex
Muskegon's favorite board game: Twilight Imperium
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Muskegon Area Gamers

The Gaming Annex


The Muskegon area hasn't had a steady locale for playing games. Many stores have had tables for people to play games but stores have come and gone. Playing games in someone's basement is not as inviting to players who are new to the group. The need for a store front to host our gaming events became necessary.

The Gaming Annex was originally named in jest by one of our regulars who said, "I cannot even imagine someone paying rent of $300 a month for a gaming annex!" That was in August of 2012. The name stuck.

Since that time, we've been meeting twice per week to play games.

We play mostly strategy designer games. We play some classics. We play card games, war games, miniature games, storytelling games, Euros and Ameritrash.

The Gaming Annex is located on the west side of Muskegon near Norton Shores. By looking at it, one would assume it's a store front but we do not sell anything. Our game group is a bit different than most game groups. It's more of a "club" atmosphere. We are always on the look out for new games and local gamers.

Our blog (www.muskegonareagamers.com) is looking for original material related to our hobby. If you are interested in submitting material, please email or contact us through facebook. 

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Becoming a member of the Muskegon Area Gamers does not cost any money. We only ask that you bring a good attitude and good sportsmanship to our gaming events. And sending an RSVP on the meetup or facebook page is also appreciated. Otherwise, our group is open to the general public. Review our events on facebook or meetup to find a time and date that meets your schedule.

The Gaming Annex
1976 W. Sherman Blvd
Muskegon, MI 49441

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